Dear William

A shadow from the past

Over time, a soul completely crumbled

Confidence gone with the dates.

Disgusted by my own reflection

My self-worth was owned by you,

A worn relationship caused this change.


I know all this could have changed.

When I think about the past-

Emotional enslavement by you

Caused me to crumble.

I am wise enough to make some reflection

We should have went on more dates.


But you always forgot our anniversary date.

And that is never going to change

Your conceited soul loves only his own reflection.

You don’t even know how many years passed.

Blame it on a memory that’s crumbled.

Weak- I continue to cater to you,


Telling myself that I love you

And we have made it through worse dates.

But our love has crumbled

How you talk to me has changed

You complimented me in the past

Now you cringe at my reflection


Before- there was beauty in my reflection.

Naïve, I thought I had to stay with you.

Slightly because, before you I had no past

I haven’t been on many other dates.

Abuse has increased and forms changed

Your insults caused my devotion to crumble


The woman I was before has more than crumbled

I won’t look at my own reflection

I do don’t want to see the change

Everything I am was caused by you

Insults destroyed me over the dates

Now, I can’t remember the woman from the past.


I wish I could go back to the past, before I met you,

Before I wasted all those dates, before I hated my reflection,

Before I crumbled, most importantly- before I changed



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