Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster

A moaning cat in heat

His heartbeat- an earthquake under me.

Wrapping me in long branches- I’m suffocating.

At this point I’m not growing, I am elevating.

Legs knotted like ropes,

Getting tighter with every grope.

Hands gripped like a pit bull on a rope,

Like thanksgiving my stomach is full.

Our skin touching sounds like a piano.

I feel the blasting heat. It is a volcano.

Then a slow jolting release,

Like a dying patient- I cannot breathe.

Now there is a puddle like a typhoon.

Only God knows what’s in my womb.

Together we are worse than a hurricane,

Destroying each other with no regard to pain.

Every time I know this poison is toxic,

And I tell myself we will stop this.

But I still chase the eye of the tornado,

It is the only thing my heart knows.


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