I killed a man with no remorse

I killed a man with no remorse.


I have no care in my heart,

His blood spilling meant nothing

to me-it felt good to take his life.


The memories he left me


darker than the guilt I’m lacking

The blood he shed didn’t compare

To the years he took from me

I hardly tortured him

the way he deserved

After destroying my confidence

I should have pulled him by his hair,

wrapped my hands around his neck

I should have clawed him all over-

then drenched him in bleach.

So he would feel the burning he gave me.


Not only did he sneak around

He broke my ribs, my arm, and my nose


in rage his fist hit my eye

And when I hit the floor I felt his boots

He kicked my growing belly hard.


I saw sense in the stars around me

I knew I was the only one

that could make a change

I killed a man with no remorse.