For Indica

12/13/12 By: Jessica Bartels

This is a letter for my youngest baby girl Indica, I loved you before you met this world. I remember you moving in my belly, It was the most amazing feeling. Although I was scared and felt confused, I immediately had a connection to you. It felt like an eternity Before we could finally meet. That morning I couldn’t rest With all the thoughts running through my head. You were out in no time I held my breath until I heard you cry. When your eyes looked at me They were innocent and sweet. Two days later the doctors took you to run test Mommy was a frantic mess. I felt my world fall apart When he said there was a defect in your heart. I played strong for months without a fear But every night I shed a single tear. The doctors said your heart had to be patched And the surgery would have to be fast.

I knew a six month old under a knife,

Could easily end your life. Scared as I have ever been, I knew surgery was your only chance to live. And on that day I knew that all I could do was pray. Before I went to sleep, I got down on my knees, I prayed for a successful surgery And begged God to bring you back to me. In the morning when I woke It was only to God that I spoke. I said Lord, I know you do great things Please watch over my baby. Before surgery mommy and daddy held you tight Reality took a hard bite. I sat with my crucifix in my hand, Praying all my kids being healthy was in God’s plan. The nurse returned hours later God is your savior. A whole lot of stress And a scar on your chest Changed all of our lives forever And helped your heart beat better. I stayed by your side The entire time. I rubbed your head In the hospital bed. I am so grateful to have you After all you have been through. But after it didn’t take long To show us you’re strong. A fighter she is And I am blessed for this. Now you’re home and doing great It was all God’s fate. I will always be your mother and friend I love you beyond this life’s end.


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