Will Tampa Keep Truckin?

Will Tampa keep truckin?

Tampa residents were stunned to find they broke a Guiness world record with the latest food truck rally. On August 31 the I4 exit was backed up for miles before 8 am.   99 food trucks rolled into the Florida State fairgrounds demolishing the 62 food truck record held by Miami earlier this year. The Tampa Tribune, The Florida State fair authority, and 98Rock were just some companies to get this event rolling. At 11am Mayor Buckhorn rang the dinner bell and let the feast begin.food truck

The competition was fierce, especially between rival trucks. There is much more to offer than the delicious BBQ smoker or a taco bus. The smells of Lobster Bisque, Lobster macaroni and cheese, pastries, brownies, empanadas, gelato and cheesecake all lingered. Intense heat caused trucks offering gelato, polar cups, smoothies, and fruit pops to sell out quickly.

Jeremy Gomez the event organizer is planning to double the trouble next year in March 22. He expects 200 food trucks to set up at the Florida State fairgrounds next time.


Being the first year many trucks ran out of food and propane many times before the end of the event at 8 pm. Vendors say the volume customers doubled their expectations (32k) leaving them unprepared. It will not happen again.

Most guests were pleased with the family friendly event regardless of the hiccups.

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Maria T Owens tweets. “It was a great event Saturday despite that are 3:00 pm a lot of trucks were out of food after we made the lines. I am ready for 2014!”

Mark Lastra of Tampa shares on Facebook, “the lines were long but we enjoyed it so much that we are looking forward to March 22, 2014 will be better prepared get there early and hit the more popular trucks first.”

This will surely be an annual event for Tampa but it’s expected to improve with time. The Florida State fairgrounds agreed they will be opening both entrances to help with parking. They also plan to provide more recycling receptors for all the beer cans.

Other things like pavilions, shade umbrellas, more chairs and picnic tables, maps and menus of the food trucks, and more water have been suggested by guest.

The record breaking event in March will be much cooler than the last. The organizer Jeremy Gomez tells us his improvement plans.

Interview with Jeremy Gomez.

Jeremy Gomez did not respond to email or FB since Sept 1.


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