Professional Blogging Prose Outline

Jessica Bartels



March 9, 2015

  1. Working title:

My Professional Blogging Portfolio

  1. Topic Statement:

I am fascinated to learn more in depth about the work of a professional blogger or social media publicist. I have spent time as a staff writer for award winning college publications online, newspapers, and magazines. The most intriguing aspect of the career is learning about the different opportunities, advantages, disadvantages, and expected salary. I know that I have that with the right company I can produce great information through blogging and social network because the demand is only increasing with technology.

  1. Interview

Scheduled interview via email with Krista Byrd (Professional Blogger and social media contributor-Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine)

  1. Contents of Portfolio
    1. A unique but sophisticated professional cover letter
    2. A professional resume listing all of my awards, work, and college experience
    3. Several polished pieces within different genres
    4. My published pieces with the Hawkeye, Triad, and the Oracle
    5. A link to my personal blogging website
    6. Examples of my personal advertisement trademark
  2. Research Sources
    1. Interview with Ms. Krista Byrd

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