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As a social media representative or professional blogger spends hours daily starring at a computer screen. Between the researching, sharing, and constant positing the majority of a professional blogger’s responsibilities requires constant attention to the internet. A blogger must be in touch with what is trending on the news, social media, and other blogs. The hardest part of a bloggers job, as Ms. Krista Byrd explained in our interview, is the time spent researching the articles before posting them. As with anything an author publishes they want to report the most truthful information as possible. Many articles require extensive intricate research which causes a problem because the time constraints of a blogging and social media publicist.   Byrd says that, at times, she has to post articles that could be better researched and written but deadline limits her writing.

Byrd and other bloggers agree that there are positives and negatives to their position. The life of a blogger or a social media publicist is one that is constant. The world is always trending new things. With social media or blogging the information must be current, relevant, and factual.


Milenena Veselinovic- CNN NEWS

This means that, for many bloggers, what started as a hobby has turned into a revenue-generating vehicle — and for a select few, a full-time job raking in a six-figure annual salary.

               A blogger nor a social media representative requires a degree or any special training. They do not start at an expected pay rate. Most bloggers or social media experts begin on their own trying to get publicity for their work. As an individual entering the professional world there are new expectations. When being hired on to a company the writer will be required to write a specific genre that fits the needs of the company, not the individual. Also, the writer will be required to do research on the desired topic to properly inform the intended audience. Lastly, a writer will be expected to post more frequently and in a professional manner that is a good representation to the company. A professional blogger post information about or related to the company once a day or once a week. A professional social media publicist is expected to post related information, articles and advertisements several times a day. Many professional bloggers and social media representative tasks intertwine. Style Coalition says that 13% of their bloggers earn more than $100,000 a year and 54% blog as a full-time job. (Faw, Forbes)


Education with writing helps but is not required. The only way to start as a blogger or a social media publicist is to start. As a writer you have to put your work out there. Create a professional resume and a LinkedIn account. Make sure to include links to both on your personal blog. The two blogs that I recommend to start with are WordPress and BlogSpot. Both of these are free and user friendly to new bloggers. Social Media specialist may want to consider constant posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Always be networking because you never know who is reading. “Right now, Instagram is one of the most important platforms a blogger can be on,” says James Nord. “What we’re seeing as a trend is that URL traffic from their actual blog is falling, but following on their other channels such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook is growing fast.”- CNN


Self – Marketing

Self-marketing is geared more towards professional bloggers than social media professionals. After creating a personal blog and resume spread the word. Post links to your blog on social media, in online forums, and everywhere possible. Tell friends and family to share your posts with the link to your blog.

Once you have begun to spread the word keep writing. Post all of your best writings. Polish your work as much as possible. Most importantly keep posting. Giving your readers a variety of material generates return a larger audience.

As you continue to self-market you should understand things about online search engines such as google. The most important is that the more a person’s name or title gets searched the higher it is on the listed results. Always strive to be a top hit on search engines because it increases your chance to draw in viewers. As ridiculous as it may sound, Byrd recommends, that a serious blogger should search their own name and blog every day.


Self-marketing and networking as much as possible will get a writer the best results in this field. Being an established blogger or social media expert will make the career hunt easier. There are many tools available to writers. Employment search engines such as and seem to have good results. There is also craigslist, classified ads, and the career center for students at USF. If an opportunity comes around regardless of the pay, if you can meet the obligations, do not be afraid to take the position. Experience is key in your career. As a student there are opportunities for internships. Plus internships and apprenticeships may lead to a paying job. . These things are very basic in the career search of any field.

Online advertisements are another money-making opportunity for bloggers. Pay-per-click affiliate networks largely benefit those with at least 300,000 monthly visitors. These programs, such as Google AdSense, Panthera, and Amazon, enable bloggers to receive a percentage of the revenue whenever a visitor clicks-through a featured advertisement. They can earn bloggers between $100-$200 a month, though money-saving blogs that enable visitors to download coupons can earn $400-$600 a month, according to advertising executives- (Faw, Forbes)

Basics of Business

In hopes of being a successful blogger or social media representative you must present material that is appropriate and relatable at all times. When making a blog make sure to choose a template theme that is relevant and appealing to the readers eyes. Create different pages with subpages. Make sure to add media to your blog. Your audience wants to see something visual with the reading material. It is a fact that most of the things people read is because some graphic detail caught the attention of the eye first. You want to be very busy on your blog and social media sites but you do not want them to look to busy to the viewer’s eye that they lose interest. As a writer you do not want to confuse your reader.

When becoming a professional blogger or social media publicist the most important thing to always consider is that deadline is the most important on your agenda. Time is money. Byrd talks about the excruciating pressure of time constraints due to deadline. In her interview she admitted that while working for Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine she has had many moments of panic. Once she had only a one hour gap to announce a recall on infant car seats. She had to know the facts of why the car seat was being recalled. She needed to know what the risks were before publishing the piece. After doing her research she had the story type only minutes before it had to be published.

“This was serious stuff” Byrd tells us. “When it comes to the life or death of a child we have to get the correct information to the public immediately.”

There are 18.9 million women who write blogs, 16 million men bloggers, according to the Pew Research Center


As a social media publicist Byrd complained that her eyes often get tired because she is constantly posting on different social media forums. As admin of the magazine’s page she has to answer questions, reply to messages, and approve appropriate post by viewers. Although she spends countless hours on social media, she says she does not mind it too much because she can post from her phone which allows her to work anywhere at any time. This is the same concept with a professional blogger. Few work in an office setting. This is a positon that is often considered a telecommunication job allowing the employee to work at home. This is perfect for stay-at-home-moms seeking income. Interestingly enough Forbes magazine states that there are nearly 3 million more female bloggers than male bloggers yet the income of a man blogger far exceeds that of a female blogger.

Testimonies and Turnover.

               Through extensive research I was not able to find an exact turnover rate for a professional blogger or a social media publicist. The numbers I viewed varied too widely to report at this time. I had the opportunity to interview Ms. Byrd who told me that she has been with her company for over two years. Her fellow employees at a very small office have been with the company since they began publishing in print twelve years ago.

Greene says that this career is derived from a hobby and therefore it can last a lifetime if you so desire.

Advice and Research

When seeking advice on how to get started see the sections above listed start and Hunting.

When researching information on professional blogging or social media publicist you should first read other blogs. Read as much as possible. Consider recommendations for your own blog. Write. Continue to write as you learn. Use the resources you have available to you and look at every situation as a building block for your future. Take as many internships as possible. Consider every possibility for employment experience. Market yourself. Always be searching to move forward on your career path.

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