My appreciation for ENC 4260

A few years ago I started at a community college as a single mother of a five year old daughter and a new born baby girl.  With the struggles of everyday life and time constraints I quickly had a new found respect for virtual learning. Online classes helped me attain two Associates degrees and continue with my education.  Granted there have been some online courses that I have enjoyed more than others.  Every professor has different teaching techniques.  Personally, I prefer video, audio, and power point techniques over discussion boards, reading lengthy online articles, or strictly following a textbook. A few semesters ago, by pure luck, I came across a professor that communicates effectively to me.  Thod Roberts is an excellent professor and I would recommend him to any of my peers with the same desired learning techniques.  I have taken a couple classes with the professor and I found all of the information he provided relevant to not only my education but also my career.

I think of the all the courses ENC 4260 was the most the directed towards my career.  This class was intense in the fact that graduation and career search is a reality.  As a senior it is coming closer than expected. Before I explain all the things this course taught  me I should say that this course actually stirred emotions inside of me.  Reality is the real world is waiting for me as a professional.  Soon I will no longer be a student.  After seventeen years I will be moving on.

This course taught me the importance of delivering a concise message to the intended audience.  As a technical writer I certainly want to retain these skills to utilize in my career. Through readings and audio teachings I learned the importance of revision.  With revision I have improved my writing’s clarity. I was excited to take on the challenge of creating a feasibility report .   This is something I have not done before.  I was very impressed with the results. Learning to add graphs properly to my power points was fun.  I also think the research required as similar to a real work load therefore it was very beneficial.  The last assignment is the best because it prepares a student for the workforce.  By collecting your work,  making a website , creating a cover letter and a resume , and doing researching about the career field you plan to enters is the best way to graduate.


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