Online Shopping


  • emotional creatures
  • take forever to get dressed
  • gossip about everything
  • love to shop

Let’s go ahead and ignore all those (possibly true) stereotypes except the last one.  I am not speaking for all women but, as a woman, I can admit that I love to shop. I think it is a habit I acquired as a teen.  The mall was the social stomping grounds.  Shopping just came with the weekend routine.

Then I grew up. I no longer have endless hours to spend at the mall searching for good deals and hot fashion trends.  Even worse upon growing up my mom had the nerve to cut off my allowance.  Then she actually kicked her sweet daughter out of her house just because she was “too old to live with mommy”.  Can you believe that? I was working full-time at minimum wage struggling to make it. I was too broke to go shopping for toilet paper let alone any luxury.

As the years passed – I grew up more.  I had three kids of my own. I went to college and got a better job.  Although I was financial secure I was more than time deprived.

Do you know what it is like to buy gas with three kids? Imagine going to the mall.  Just loading and unloading is exhausting.

Then a phenomenon hit the internet.  Online shopping.  This made it possible for me to have some of my favorite luxuries to be delivered at my doorstep.  This is amazing! At first I was leery which is to be expected.  there are rules to online shopping. Always use reputable companies.  You can check customers reviews on the BBB website.  Take what they have to say into consideration.  I have also found that more well-known companies have a better reputation and delivery rate.  I have found that companies like Wal-Mart and Target are more efficient  with the correct packaging and delivering or the correct items . There are other small companies out of Asia that do not deliver as promised.  he do not deliver the items you pay for and they do not deliver on time. I had bad experiences with and Buyer beware.

I have had positive experiences with Craigslist and Amazon.  I order all of my textbooks from an online store .  I do hear ant complaint s about doing business on Craigslist and Ebay.  If you are a member and you use a  PayPal account are very well protected

My thoughts for the  is that more women should shop online . Try it.  This is like a dream come true for a busy mom.


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