How to make tea with a coffee pot

There are so many small technologies that have more than one use. We have talked about the many uses of the cell phone including calling, texting, and surfing the internet. Today I want to look at another everyday product that has evolved. The coffee pot has transformed over the years. Now I use my coffee pot to make tea instead of coffee. This is my attempt to keep it simple. You may be interested in utilizing your equipment in this way because it is fast, efficient and it eliminates mess

The book says that “online virtual learning is very popular…” (p.62). Although virtual learning is done mostly by universities through chats and online lecture I believe online learning is not limited to what you are required to absorb for school. There are many things that people learn by watching television, reading, and interacting with some type of virtual learning. The teacher may be a random person on YouTube. I think if the student is retaining information they are part of online learning population. With this illustrated demonstration I will show you how with six simple steps.  You will need a gallon jug, a cup of sugar, tea bags, and a standard coffee maker.

    1. gallon pitcher cup of sugar
      Add 3/4 cup to 1 cup of sugar to an empty clean gallon pitcher. Set this aside.

tea bag in pot Put 3 family size or 7 standard sized tea bags in the back of the coffee pot where coffee grounds are cooked without a filter.

    1. water in potFill the coffee pot with water and pour it into the back of the pot as if making coffee.

coffee potTurn on the coffee pot and allow the tea to brew until the pot is full.

      1. add water and stir Pour hot tea from the coffee pot in the gallon pitcher to melt the sugar.
      2. ice tea Fill with water continuously stirring. Add ice, chill, and enjoy.

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