Mobile Apps

Tonight I was running through random thoughts as I picked up Legos.  My phone was sitting on the counter playing music.  It kept vibrating with notifications.  I started to think about the times before mobile apps.  I remember playing snake on my large Nokia phone years ago.  I thought about all the mobile apps I use daily.  I use a mobile app from the start of my day until the end I go to sleep. My day starts with a mobile app ringing the alarm at 6 a.m.  As soon as I wake up I check my bank account.  Throughout the day I check out different social media sites, Time Hop , Messenger, emails, play music and games all because of the easy accessibility of mobile apps.  I think without this option I would not be so active on the internet, especially social media or gaming.  want to make a poll to see how many mobile apps college students use daily and how many hours a day they use them.   I am also curious about how many hours students spend on social media.  Do the two have a connection? This may be a random blog with random thoughts but there are some relevant questions raised about mobile because of this slew of thoughts.  If anyone has any input on this topic or would like to share personal experiences please leave comments.


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