From one plug to the next

When reading my classmates blogs I was reminded how new media can be used and, as one classmate said, abused. I think one of the biggest problem with new media is that we have made such a connection with new media and forms of communications that we waste majority of our days.  Time management is something people struggle with.  New media is only adding to this problem.  Because of our connection with new media we are losing personal connections.  When I say this I think of the family sitting at the breakfast table: mom and dad are both on laptops, the son is texting on his cell phone and the playing on her tablet.  They can say they eat together but no one has any social interaction with each other.

I am having struggles with this is in my everyday life. My four-year old daughter got a tablet and a leap pad for Christmas.  She likes to charge the tablet and play on the leap pad until the battery dies.  Then she wants to switch.  At this rate she could spend all waking hours glued to electronics.  Although this makes my life much easier I feel like by allowing her to do that I am robbing her of something.  She needs to interact with her sisters. Even though she is constantly playing learning games I have had to confiscate the games and push her outside to play in the sun.  I tell her she needs the vitamins.  At four years old she is already putting up a fight to leave her games behind.  I can only imagine what the future holds.


One thought on “From one plug to the next

  1. I have looked at a couple of blogs, but if the site is cluttered or not easy to navigate I quickly close out and go onto another blog. I love the layout that you chose for this blog because it is clean and organized. Media is not all bad, but I do think that it has hindered my ability to interact with others. When I am sitting in class waiting for class to start I am often on my phone to avoid awkward conversations with classmates I don’t know. What does this say about our ability to communicate? It seems that technology has made it too easy for us to escape conversation with people face to face and I believe that is something that we need to be cautious of. I am incredibly impressed when someone can look me in the eye and carry on a conversation with me. In a technological world it is important for us to not overuse technology.


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