What is the point?

Throughout the spring semester I will be exploring the definition of “new media” and its association with communications. As media develops daily, I will expand my knowledge of new media and its explosion over different mediums. Because of the rapid development of technology people tend to overlook how much media we absorb in our everyday lives. With this blog I am excited to see where “new media” has come from and where it will take future generations. I think this blog will show how people have become sponges of media.


One thought on “What is the point?

  1. Society has become addicted to New Media. It seems no one can survive without it. In her introduction to The New Media Reader, Murray (2003) warns us that “Fire warms and fire burns” (p. 8) and reminds us that people can be victimized through the power of new media in the wrong hands (p. 7). New media, therefore, can serve both positive and negative functions; it is up to us to use it wisely. I agree that it is a sword with two edges. I also read your second blog post and it must be very hard to control the young generation when it comes to technology because they are surrounded by it and they feel its there for them to grab. It is part of their lives. Society in my opinion will have to find a balance eventually between life and New Media. Just like you will have to put some ground rules for your daughter’s use of her new leap frog and iPad.Good luck mom, you have to be firm with your decisions.


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